The most used means of transport in England

Although walking is still the best advice because of the pleasure of being able to discover a city by breathing the fresh air and because it is good for your health, I will nevertheless tell you about the most commonly used means of transport in England.
Some distances or the time available for our trip can sometimes force us to use various means of transport, both for their convenience and speed. In England, there are many means of transport that are not as expensive as you might think and really practical. Here are the main ones….

The car

As in any country, the preferred means of transport for the English remains the car. Personal, individual and independent of schedules, it provides a certain comfort that public transport does not have. However, petrol is still quite expensive and traffic is not always suitable for car travel (traffic jams, ice storms, etc.). It should also be noted that this means of transport is not very environmentally friendly if you use it alone on a daily basis and that it is not economical either, especially if you travel to the city of London since you will have to pay a £10 tax just to enter! After that, it is not always easy to find a place to park for free.
As you will have understood, it is a means of transport widely used in England but mainly outside major cities such as London where public transport is preferred.

London’s Underground

Certainly one of the most widely used means of transport in England and especially in London: the underground. It is important to know that if you are in the capital, it is the fastest and most convenient way to get around. Everyone says that the London Underground is expensive but that is not true, it is not particularly more expensive than elsewhere if you know what type of ticket to take. It should be noted that the London transport network Transport For London has made really great cards available to everyone, allowing us to travel freely throughout the city at a reduced price!
In fact, all you have to do is buy the Oyster Card for £5, put the amount you want in one of the terminals you can find at the station and finally let it do the rest. The Oyster Card will take care of choosing the most financially advantageous type of ticket for you, depending on your travel needs. A subway trip will only cost you £2.20 instead of £4.70 and if you make more than 3 trips, it will automatically switch to a Travel Card, i.e. an unlimited day pass for only £8.
You’ve seen it, the Underground is cheap, fast and Londoners love it so don’t hesitate anymore!

The English bus

The famous English bus… You probably think of the red double-decker imperial buses that are mainly found in the city of London but in reality, they are found all over England. It is the most widely used means of transport in England with the metro and their price is far from being excessive with an average of £2.40 per journey. Although this mode of transport is much slower than the metro and totally dependent on traffic, unlike the metro, it is still found everywhere in the country and, in addition to being very practical and comfortable, it allows its users to fully enjoy the view with the magnificent neighbourhoods and landscapes that the country has to offer.

The train, a widely used means of transport

For those who are a little further away from the big English cities, the train is really the main means of transport! Although it is particularly expensive with tickets averaging £15 to travel from Dover to London for example, it is still the only real solution available to all those who do not have a car and who can neither use the bus nor the metro. In terms of design, these trains look a little like our TGV trains with a lot of space, “boxes” with 4 seats and a folding table in the middle, light and even air conditioning. They are really comfortable and make many stops. Be careful, however, to be in good standing with your tickets when you take these trains in England, as you may meet nearly 5 or 6 controllers during your journey!